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What I’m thinking Friday, 11 May

8 Comments 11 May 2012

What I’m thinking Friday, 11 May

Supermoon in Greece.

Supermoon in Thailand.

Supermoon in New Zealand.

If you haven’t heard yet, the moon was super this past week. Matador Network writes that a supermoon is “a rarely-occurring event when a full moon occurs at the closest point in its orbit around Earth.”

A friend of mine noticed it as we left work in Te Puke, New Zealand around 5:30 p.m. I saw photos of the moon posted all around the web. It was pretty hard to miss this massive moon, but in case you did, Travel Media Ninja put together the 20 best photos of the super moon.

But I’m getting ahead of myself posting links already. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about this week.

What I’m reading

Proving that you’re never too old to backpack Australian Keith Wright is still budget traveling around the world at 95 years old. Right now he’s gearing up for a two month trip through Europe.

Beers and Beans gave me some serious travel lust this past week. They featured a stunning set of photos from their hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey. The photography on their site never fails to amaze me, this post is no exception.

What I’m watching

Rapper Krispy Kreme’s smash hit “The Baddest”. Love this song, video and the other kid in it who just stands there with a gun for four minutes. It’s hysterical. “I have 400 houses and 400 mouses.”

In other silly Youtube videos, Pat Burrell is coming back to Philadelphia, well, only for 24 hours to officially retire as a Phillie. In this video men who have felt the wrath of Burrell’s good looks warn other men in relationships to beware of his return.

I remember when Pat the Bat first came to Philadelphia as a rookie. I was in love with him. I still wear his jersey to this day. I’m happy to see that he’ll be retiring in that jersey.

What I’m googling

While eating a rice-filled meal, I got to wondering how rice goes from paddy to plate. Married2Travel put together a video about the entire process as it happened in her homeland of the Philippines.

What I’m seeing

Absolutely nothing. I’m working loads trying to save up for my next big trip.

What I’m planning

Well, my next big trip funny enough. Ric and I are planning to tramp across the world for five months this Autumn and Winter. We’ll be hitting Thailand, USA and England. I became quite excited about the trip tonight when we started looking up flight prices.

We actually found a $350 flight from Bangkok, Thailand to JFK in New York. It’s really cheap but with Aerosvit Ukrainian Airlines, which I’ve never heard of and has received horrible reviews on Skytrax.

Have you ever flown with an airline you were unsure of? How was it?

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  • Tom Stockwell

    Ask Aaron of Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures about Aerosvit – he gave them an absolutely scathing review. Maybe best to look up going with Asiana via Incheon – they’re usually $400-500, possibly worth it…

  • purplekat99

    I flew on Kuwait Airways from JFK to LHR (and continuing on to the middle east and then on to India) back in 2002 and they were about $400 less then anyone else. They didn’t accept MC/Visa, only Amex (so weird), so Expedia had to “pay” for me and I paid them. I was one of the few white people on board, and I don’t know if it was a thing or not, but NO ONE wanted to sit on the seats next to the windows, only in the middle of the plane, so I got all three seats to myself outbound. And even on the return, I originally had all three to myself again, but then someone sat on the aisle, still leaving the middle empty (fine with me). A clusterfuck getting on the plane (no one understood the announcement of “Rows 15 to 20 (etc..) only please”) but other then those weird quarks, it was fine!

    Good luck!!

  • Annie @ Wayward Traveller

    I just wrote a post about whether or not you get too old to backpack, then I came over and saw your mention of Keith Wright. Funny! Looking forward to seeing how your travels come together!

  • Bobbi Lee Hitchon

    Haha. If he’s still going at 95, I guess you’re never too old! I’m heading over to yours to read that post though! Thanks very much. What are your future travel plans? How much longer do you have in Oz?

  • Bobbi Lee Hitchon

    Haha that sounds like a random, but pretty sweet flight. Really weird that they only take AMEX.

  • Bobbi Lee Hitchon

    Thanks for the tip Tom. I will definitely look into them. Yea I was quite nervous abut Aerosvit. Honestly, a terrible flight doesn’t bother me too much, it’s the gamble on whether or not the airline will go under and I’ll lose all my money! But I would prefer a flight with entertainment!

  • Cole and Adela

    Love that story about Keith and how he is trekking around the world still. What a legend!

  • Bobbi Lee Hitchon

    Haha I know how amazing is he. So inspiring.

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