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What I’m thinking Friday, 18 May

5 Comments 18 May 2012

What I’m thinking Friday, 18 May

While most of the time I enjoy having my own blog, publishing what I want and designing as I please, sometimes I long for the days when I was just a writer. This past week I’ve been dealing with a “virus” on the website. Well, I actually don’t think it was a virus, just virus-like script.

I never noticed it in admin, nor did I while visiting the site from my own computer, but I received a few emails from readers this past week warning me about it as their computers warned them. Firstly, thanks to all the readers that went out of their way to send me messages. That was so kind and I really appreciate it.

Anyway, I think everything is pretty much sorted now. The problem seemed to be with the script from my the Sexy Bookmarks plugin. It’s really annoying to deal with, especially because I was planning to post a few things this week, but didn’t want to draw people to the site if they were just going to be warned away. Expect those posts next week!

Anyway, a half day of work today gave me some time to read, watch and google things on the internet.

What I’m reading

Hektic Travels is asking people to vote on where they should go next. I’ve noticed a lot of sites doing this recently and think it’s a really fun way to travel. But what I liked about the post on Hektic Travels is a couple things.

First, maybe I’m the last person to learn of this, but they mentioned Skyscanner, which is a flight search engine that allows users to leave their destination blank. The site then lists all the destinations available and the price of flights to them. I just love the spontaneity of it. It’s on my bucket list to just show up at an airport one day and pick a flight, but I’m always afraid it will be really expensive. I actually found some cheap flights using this method on Skyscanner.

Next is the contest they feature with this post. To enter they ask people to create a trip with $US650 using Skyscanner. I don’t mind not booking things and just showing up, but I actually have a lot of fun planning trips, so entering this contest was great for me. Anyway, I found cheap flights to Tonga, which led me to research the country and learned that it is one of the only places people can swim with humpback whales.

The contest is still on for a few more days, but don’t enter, because I really want to win the Kindle they’re giving away (evil laugh).

I also read a post a friend sent to me and Ric by BBC America that lists 10 things Americans do that drive Brits nuts. Ric said he agreed with them all, the jerk haha.

Expect a rebuttal BBC.

What I’m watching

Loads of Prison Break. Plus I got to catch up on Mad Men and found Rory Gilmore half naked on one of the episodes. I was shocked!

But I have a music video to offer all of you. You might notice a Brazilian influence on the website in the upcoming weeks. No we did not move to Brazil, but we are living with some Brazilians and learning loads about the culture as well as picking up some Portuguese.

Flavy, one of my roommates, played “Boa Sorte/Good Luck” by Vanessa da Mata and Ben Harper for me this week. I love the song. I’ve always been a fan of Harper and Vanessa da Mata’s voice is gorgeous. If you are the type to search for music from around the world, here is a good one for you.

What I’m Googling

Passport covers.

I’ve had my passport for about five years and over 30 countries now, so it’s looking quite rough. USA gave me a cover with the passport, but I threw it away on my first foreign flight with it because I found it really annoying to have to take out for people.

Anyway, it looks like I’ll have to put up with that now if I want to preserve Ol’ Blue.

When I Googled covers, Etsy popped up quite high. I love buying things on Etsy, because the items are always really unique and I always like supporting independent designers.

I found a really cute canvas cover with the “Oh the places you’ll go..” stitched on the cover, which is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books for only $US13.95. Not bad.

What do you think?

What I’m seeing

The sun. I work ten hours a day in a pack house and it’s Autumn in New Zealand right now, so very rarely do I get the chance to enjoy the sun. We got off early today and a friend said, “Oh my god, look. It’s the sun. It exists!” Needless to say, it was fun frolicking around town in the light of day.

What I’m planning

One thing I missed last time I visited Thailand was the Similan Islands. I heard the area has some pretty good dive sites, but I also want to visit a few islands. Plus Ric doesn’t dive, so I want to find a cruise that allows cheaper fares for snorkelers and offers a mixture of land and sea destinations.

I’m thinking it will be easier just to book in Thailand, but does anyone have any companies to recommend?

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  • Brock – Backpack with Brock

    Those passport covers are interesting!

  •!/30HomeGames 30HomeGames

    I lived with Brazilians for a month in Porto. Festive times are ahead.

    Prison Break is one of the all-time great shows. Don’t feel it gets as much as love as the hyped HBO shows.
    Skyscanner was my booking site of choice. I decided where I would go next after a month in each Country so I only had to worry about each destination by the end of the month. Handy. It’s could act as a “choose your next destination” generator

  • Scarlett

    Such a cute passport cover!! x

  • Bobbi Lee Hitchon

    Hehe thanks!

  • Bobbi Lee Hitchon


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