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What I’m thinking Friday, 4 May

2 Comments 03 May 2012

What I’m thinking Friday, 4 May

After 16 days straight of work, I finally had a day off this week.


This meant catching up on my reading, video watching and of course, my Googling. It also meant I had time to move house properly. Yes, I’m moving yet again. That makes four moves in New Zealand, not including moves to hostels, camp sites or that night we slept in our car during a weather bomb.

I’m really excited for this move too. We’re moving in with two of my work mates who are from Brazil. They’re a lovely couple and hopefully I can pick up some Portuguese while living with them.

Maybe expect some Brazilian influence in upcoming posts, but this is what I’m thinking this week.

What I’m reading

I think about India at least twice a day. I’ve wanted to visit the country for as long as I can remember. I met a girl who was as fascinated by the country as me while studying in London in 2007 and we are finally starting to plan a trip together for next year.

I mention all this, because I read some great posts about the country this week.

The Shooting Star is a great overall blog about India. Shivya Nath created the blog and she gives valued travel information about her homeland. I found her post “Moving to Delhi? 9 survival tips for women.” to be really helpful. It offers tips specifically for women and others that can benefit everyone, like how to avoid Delhi belly.

GQ Trippin also featured a helpful post about India this week. The traveling couple spent some time touring the country recently. Kieu wrote a comprehensive post about navigating India’s train system.

What I’m watching

I haven’t been watching a lot of different music videos this week, which I do often, but two over and over again.

First is Plan B’s Ill Manors. Ric showed me the video a week or two ago and I haven’t been able to stop watching it. In the music video the northeast London rapper guides people through an “urban safari” while commenting on the politics of the country. It includes footage from the England riots last year.

I’m not going to comment on the politics of the video, because I don’t know enough about politics or equality of life in England to do so. But I will say it’s a pretty powerful video that I don’t think you’ll be able to watch just once.

Drifting to a completely different music genre and type of video, I also can’t get enough of the lyrical version of Jason Mraz’s “I won’t give up on us”. It’s not the song’s official music video but I love it, because it has post cards and vintage suitcases, which are two things I’m obsessed with.

What I’m Googling

Ric mentioned to his brother that he visited Crown Casino in Melbourne, which is the largest casino in the southern hemisphere. It got me thinking, what’s the largest casino in the northern hemisphere?

The answer: The Venetian Macao in Macao, China. The casino is 546,000 square feet and has 3,000 gaming machines in it.

What I’m seeing

Tauranga. We visited New Zealand’s fastest growing city this weekend for a drink and some shopping. Some of the restaurants along the strand here are worth checking out, especially Bobby’s Fresh Fish Market.

What I’m planning

I’m getting really excited to go home in November. Ric and I will be visiting the USA for about a month this year, if all goes to plan. I want to spend a few days in New York, relax in good old NJ and maybe even spend a few days in Key West.

I visited the island a lot when I was younger. My parents loved it there. But I haven’t been back in years. Since I was a child during all of my visits, I don’t think I experienced the place properly. So I might try and plan a four day getaway there on our upcoming trip the the States.

I’m having trouble finding independent bloggers who have written about viisting Key West. Any suggestions?

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  • Kieu – GQ trippin

    So.. when are you thinking of visiting India next year? Thanks for the mention. 😉

  • Art Vandelay

    yayyy november!

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