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10 photos of Queen Elizabeth II’s travels

3 Comments 03 June 2012

10 photos of Queen Elizabeth II’s travels

Visit anywhere in the world and it’s almost a guarantee that the people there will know of Queen Elizabeth II. The  most recognizable face on earth, which has been used on 33 different foreign currencies, the Queen of England isn’t just known everywhere, she’s also visited just about everywhere.

As people around the world celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend-a 60-year reign-I’m more interested in her travels around the world. And boy has she traveled. Wikipedia has compiled a list of all Queen Elizabeth’s travels, which includes Australia, Canada, Thailand and more.

To celebrate 60 years of Queenship-Heels and Wheels is looking back on Queen Liz’s 60 years of travel. 

India (1961)

The Queen visited the sub continent of India to meet Indira Gandhi, visit the presidential palace and even ride an elephant. The Old Indian Photos has compiled several Life photos of her visit, including the one featured below.

New Zealand (1958)

Visiting this tiny Commonwealth country more than once, on this trip the Queen visited Marlborough, New Zealand’s largest wine-producing region. Below you can see her giving a speech in Blenheim.

Nigeria (1956)

Fulfilling military duties in white gloves?

Only Liz could pull that off. In this photo she inspects the Queen’s Own Nigeria Regiment during a Commonwealth tour, which included the African country.

Australia (2011)

While the land down under may laugh at POME’s (prisoners of mother England), they always welcome the Queen who has visited the country several times during her reign. Here she meets one of the Australia’s most recognizable figures, a koala, in Brisbane.

South Africa (1947)

It was only a few weeks ago that people were celebrating the Queen’s 86th birthday. But how did she celebrate her 21st? In South Africa of course! She was still a princess then, but here she is at Natal National Park.

Canada (2010)

Sporting red attire for Canada Day, Queen Elizabeth visited the country for eight days two years ago. Still standing out amongst a sea of red, she inspects the guards outside the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

USA (2007)

While the US is not a part of the Commonwealth, it was originally an English settlement. The Queen visited the country in 2007 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Jamestown. At the end of her trip this photo was captured of her at Andrews Air Force Base boarding a plane back to England.

China (1986)

While Queen Elizabeth travels a lot different than most people, she still visits major tourist attractions. Here she is at the Great Wall of China with Prince Phillip.

Thailand (1996)

While 60 years may be a long monarchy, Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej has the British Queen beat by six years. The Queen visited Thailand to celebrate the king’s 50th anniversary in 1996.

England (1960)

When home is Buckingham Palace, there really is no place like it. Here she is riding out of her palace.

And what about the cover photo?

Queen Elizabeth has been in motion since the first day of her reign. In this photo from Jaunted, she steps off her British Oversea Airways Corporation (now known as British Airways) plane from Kenya at London-Heathrow Airport. On February 7, 1952, a day after King George VI, Elizabeth’s father, died, the princess was proclaimed Queen.

Since her coronation ceremony, the official crowning, did not take place until June 2 of that year, the Jubilee is not celebrated until then.

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