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What I’m thinking Friday 31 August

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What I’m thinking Friday 31 August

Remember last Friday’s post when I said I quit my job at the kiwifruit packhouse and started my holiday a month early. Well I’m back to working again, but don’t worry there are no fury fruits involved.

This past week I’ve been given a few shifts at the cafe Ric works at, which really isn’t work at all for me. For starters, I love working in hospitality, chatting with locals and continuing my coffee education. Further, I always love working with Ric. We actually met working at a restaurant in Australia over two years ago, so we’re pretty good working together.

This week I even got to join Ric in the kitchen where I made some epic mini carrot cakes with white chocolate ganache and cream cheese icing. It was my first time making carrot cake as well as my first time making anything that would be sold to the public, so I was quite proud.

Hungry? Why wait? But my mini carrot cakes!

Between waiting tables and watching loads of Tom Hardy films and shows this week, I did manage to read a few good articles, watch a video that actually led to the purchase of a new toy, do some exploring and even a bit of planning. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about this week.

What I’m reading

International Beatles Week

Did you realize that August 22-28 is international Beatles week? I’m a big fan of the fab four and had no idea. The best place to celebrate is of course Liverpool, where all the band members are from and came together. The Cavern Club, which is where they first performed, hosts a Beatles festival with various shows and acts throughout the week.

But a band as big as the Beatles has left it’s mark in more places than Liverpool. The Telegraph put together a gallery of Beatles attractions all over the planet. Have you visited any of them?

Coolest working holiday jobs

Anyone who follows my website will know the main reason I’ve been able to travel the world for almost three years is because working holiday visas in Australia and New Zealand have allowed me to work legally while traveling.

I’ve taken on some pretty random jobs while on the road these past few years. I think I’m up to about ten different jobs including everything from waitress to telemarketer to kiwifruit grader. While I’ll admit that not all these jobs were glamorous, all were interesting. Lonely Planet did a very accurate round up of the type of jobs working holiday makers usually take on.

Bangkok Treehouse

Travelfish published a review of the Bangkok Tree House this past week. It looks really interesting and relaxing. Though it’s a bit pricey for Thailand, a standard room costs about $US117, it’s still a bargain for such a unique hotel.

What I’m watching

GoPro posted something about their dive housing on Facebook. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but with it I learned GoPro makes dive housing for their cameras and that I had to have it immediately. Long story short, I bought this housing about twenty minutes later.

This video was shot using the product will help explain why I needed it right away.

What I’m Googling

Where do male platypus deliver their venom from?

Answer: A spur on their hind limbs.

What I’m seeing

The weather is amazing in the Mount at the moment. It feels as though we’ve skipped Spring and gone straight into Summer at times. Ric and I are taking full advantage of it. We even found the motivation to walk up the Mount this Friday.

The view from the top of Mauao. Photo by Bobbi Lee Hitchon

What I’m planning

Almost all of our time in SE Asia is going to be pretty much left unplanned, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been researching places to visit in the country like crazy. A dive friend of mine recommended visiting Khao Sok National Park. She says people can stay right on the water and dive off their front porch. By on the water I literally mean on the water, not on a shore next to it. Sounds good to me. Who else has been?

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