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Why work with Heels and Wheels?

Heels and Wheels is a site for travelers by an actual traveler. Since 2010 creator Bobbi Lee Hitchon has lived her life as a digital nomad, exploring the world and writing about all the things it has to offer. Her passion and dedication to travel is clear in each post. The main objective: encourage more people to see the world.

Who reads Heels and Wheels?

The site attracts an amazing group of readers ranging from aspiring travelers to blog advocates and more. Getting to know my audience on a more personal level, I’ve found they’re backpackers, first time travelers, people who have just returned from a trip, budget travelers, people who want to travel but aren’t sure if they can afford it, people who want to live abroad and people who already do. Heels and Wheels readers come from all over the world, including USA, followed by Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and the Philippines.

What options are available to you?

  • Product and service reviews
  • Sponsorship
  • Sponsored guest posts
  • Side bar Advertising

Bobbi has worked with companies like Windu, Mandarin Oriental, Jucy Rentals, and Asia Rooms in the past. She takes sponsorship very seriously and only chooses to link with companies she knows, trusts and would recommend to others. She will give her honest opinion on any services and/or products up for review. Note that Bobbi does not accept all opportunities. Any partnership or promotion must be travel-related and with a legitimate company. Any advertising on Heels and Wheels must follow FCC Guidelines.

What else does Bobbi do?

Bobbi is a full-time freelance writer, who has appeared in publications around the world. She loves talking travel and motivating others to get out there. She’s available for interviews and appearances. She especially likes visiting schools to talk about travel and writing as a profession.

Where can you find Bobbi?

Contact Bobbi for a full advertising and PR packet with prices, statistics and more.

Email: HeelsandWheelsOnline [at]

Twitter: @HW_Travel

Facebook: Heels and Wheels

Skype: Bobbi.Hitchon

Bobbi usually responds to all inquiries within 48 hours.

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