Plans for the family reunion in Fiji

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Plans for the family reunion in Fiji

5 Comments 05 September 2010

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It can’t be easy being the parent of a traveling child. While parent’s kids are abroad they can expect constant calls home for cash, an even more constant feeling of unknown (one day your child could be jumping off a cliff and you have no idea) and parents that love their kids probably miss them when they go.

But having a vagabond in the family isn’t all bad. The post cards are cool and the lengths of separation can lead to a greater appreciation of each other. But by far the best part of having a traveler in the family has to be being able to visit him or her.

During my first long term trip abroad, my dad, uncle Paul and aunt Peggy came to visit me in London where I was studying at that point. It meant so much to have them make the trip out to see me and I really enjoyed showing them around a city I had come to love.

To continue this wonderful family tradition, the tri-pod, along with my dad’s girlfriend Mary have decided to come out to see me on my current travels. But unlike last time where they came to the city I was living in, this time I actually get to meet them some place I’ve never been to as well.

Stand-up guys, my dad, myself and my uncle at McFadden's at the Park in Philadelphia before the Army/Navy game last year.

Stand-up guys, my dad, myself and my uncle at McFadden’s at the Park in Philadelphia before the Army/Navy game last year.


When I told my dad I was going abroad last year, it was a given that he would come see me even with the harsh economic times. I assumed they would be visiting me in Australia, but when they mentioned meeting some place different, I was intrigued. When they decided on a Fiji holiday, I was thrilled. This will be my first trip to Asia and well, it’s Fiji. I think that says enough.

There are plenty of ways to see the country and with all it’s islands cruises are probably the most popular. But looking to have a bit of stability and a home base after what will be a long trip out, my uncle rented a house in Rakiraki where we can start our daily explorations from.

With only short bouts of having my own room here and there over the last eight months, I’m really glad to have a home for a week. Not just a home, but one with my real family. Plus a bed and a kitchen and a living area, all to ourselves.

I’m also excited to see a bit of Fiji that most people don’t visit and I have not heard much about, the inland.

While I’ve been really good at remaining spontaneous in Australia, having only a week in a new country has brought me back to my planned traveling self. Guided by Lonely Planet’s most recent guide of Fiji, I’ve chosen quite a few possibilities for the upcoming trip.

We plan on doing heaps of snorkeling and scuba diving while there. Photo courtesy of

We plan on doing heaps of snorkeling and scuba diving while there. Photo courtesy of

The book covers all of Fiji, but I only selected things I thought we could actually hit considering where we are staying as well as the amount of time and money we have to burn. Based on these considerations I selected activities from Viti Levu, the mainland, and the Mamanuca Group of islands, lower islands off Viti Levu’s west coast.

Some friends suggested renting a car and taking some long day trips, stopping at beaches not listed in the guide book and taking in the coast line. Whether by car, boat or foot, I found some things I definitely want to hit on my upcoming trip.

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